Book Planners to plan your days & weeks

Available in a wide variety of formats, or upon request as a custom-made product. Our daily and weekly planners can be customized to display your logo and your individual cover design. Make it yours – make it unique!

Book Planner Specifications

Categories, Sizes (in mm) and Number of Pages
- Daily Planner
 W 97 x H 170384 Pages
 W 105 x H 148 (approx. A6)352 Pages
 W 145 x H 205 (approx. A5)320, 352 or 400 Pages
 W 180 x H 250320 Pages
 W 210 x H 290 (approx. A4)320 Pages
- Weekly Planner
 W 145 x H 205 (approx. A5)144 Pages
 W 170 x H 240144 Pages
 W 197 x H 265144 Pages
 W 184 x H 254128 Pages
 W 172 x H 240152 Pages
 W 168 x H 240152 Pages
 W 210 x H 297 (A4) 128 Pages
- Reservations Calendar (for restaurants & gastronomy)
W 210 x H 297 (A4) 560 Pages

Offset- or Recycled Paper (CO2 neutral)
1 or 2 colors

Basic Exterior Design

Hard-, Flex- or Doubleflex-Cover
More than 50 Cover Materials
with up to 5 - 15 colors (depending on the material)

Additional Design Options (Exterior & Interior)
  • Exterior
    • Cover-Stiches
    • Elastic Ribbon (wide or thin)
    • Penloop
    • Edge-Coloring
    • Metal Corners (gold or silver)
    • Logo/Advertising Debossing
  • Interior
    • Custom-Designed Front- and Back-Paper
    • Paper-Pocket
    • Ribbon Bookmark (1 or 2)
    • Optional Advertising Pages

Are you interested in this product?

Your logo in focus 365 days a year

Make your personalized book planners the perfect marketing tool - 365 days a year!

What better advertising medium than one your customers or employees carry with them all year round? Our bookplanners offer more ad space than many other goodies and best of all, your logo goes where the bookplanner goes where its owner goes – 24/7. Choose from numerous interior and exterior design options to make your individual daily or weekly planner reflect your brand.

Your brand on eco-friendly, high quality products

As with all our products, sustainability and environmental protection are a top priority when it comes to book planners. The planners that represent your brand should not only look beautiful, but also be environmentally friendly! This is why we work hard to ensure our products combine the best of both worlds. Our recycled paper, for example, is a role model for sustainable printing. It is made from recycled fibers without optical brighteners and chlorine bleach, produced in a climate-neutral way - and stiill maintains a whiteness of 98%. The production of one ton of this special Impact Pure Paper emits almost 6 times less CO2 compared to that of regular fresh fiber paper.

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