Every desk needs its calendar

Our desk calendars are as diverse as the tables they sit on. From the lunar calendar to the pure appointment calendar, they come in various standard sizes, in special formats and with customizable logos. They all carry the BLAUER ENGEL environmental seal of approval, because sustainability and climate protection are a priority to us. 

Calendar Specifications

Sizes & Columns (in mm)
 W 223 x H 1656 Columns
 W 240 x H 1756 or 7 Columns
 W 290 x H 1587 Columns
 W 290 x H 210 (approx. A4)6 or 7 Columns

Pages made of Offset- or Recycled Paper (CO2 neutral)
70g or 80g
60 Pages
Cover Page made of Art Paper
1 or 2 colors


Carton Board 800g
Patented ÖkoFix® Back-Board-Holder
Skip-Binding® possible

Personalization Options & Advertising Placement

Page Imprint (top) with sizes 240 x 175 and 290 x 210
Carton Board Imprint (bottom) possible with all sizes
Cover Page possible with all sizes

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A sustainable way to display your logo 365 days

We offer a variety of ways to sustainably improve your ecological footprint. For example, CO2 emissions generated by the production of our calendars are at least 70% lower than those associated with conventional desk calendar production. And with our ÖkoFix® patent, we have succeeded in completely replacing the plastic splint on the calendars’ cardboard-backing with paper.

Your custom-made table calendars