Innovations for generations

What makes a good idea good? For us, a good idea helps not only the present, but also the future. It's one that sparks change and makes everything a little easier. And above all, it's more sustainable.

Impact Pure Paper Impact Pure Paper
ÖkoFix® ÖkoFix®
"Apple"-Leather "Apple"-Leather
Kalendermacher Biogreen Biogreen
Covers from fruit-residuals Covers from fruit-residuals


ÖkoFix® is an invention we are particularly proud of. It revolutionized the table calendar industry, and yet is so simple: the backboard of our table calendars is held together not with the environmentally harmful PVC splint, but with a special piece of paper.

A thought experiment shows the impact of this small piece of paper on the environment, a true milestone: Since the introduction of ÖkoFix®, over 2 million meters of plastic have been saved. This corresponds to the distance from Vienna to Paris and back.

Impact Pure Paper

Almost every school kid in Austria writes on Impact Pure paper. And for good reason: The paper in Austria's exercise books is a role-model for sustainable printing. Impact Pure Paper is made from recycled fibers without optical brighteners and chlorine bleach and still maintains a whiteness of 98%. The paper also impresses with its high degree of opacity, making it ideally suited for two-sided printing.

By using Impact Pure paper, we have been able to reduce CO2 emissions by 7,721,415 kg over the past 10 years with a paper consumption of 8,865,000 kg. That roughly corresponds to 2,000 flights per person from Vienna to New York. Or the average CO2 consumption of 930 Austrians per year.


Leather made from apple residuals? Sounds like a trip to the future? It is! Thanks to an innovative technique, this bio-based leather alternative is made from apple industry food waste. It's flexible but sturdy and just perfect for the covers of our notebooks, calendars, and accessories! With this pioneering technique, the otherwise dispensable parts of the fruit are given a new purpose. And how does it work? Quite simply: Apple leftovers are dried and ground into powder, which forms the basis for our high-quality and eco-friendly “apple”-leather products. The future is now! The future is green! … and made of apples.


Reducing our ecological footprint, step by step. With the Biogreen series, we achieve a more sustainable production of our notebooks and calendars. The Biogreen project uses innovative raw materials from renewable natural sources. Selected materials for our products are available from the Biogreen series, including Vivella, Yuta, Acero & Paigina. They may sound exotic, but their sources are not. They are all natural!

Covers made from „fruit residuals“

What can you make from lemons, grapes, cherries, lavender, and olives? Right, paper! Truly ecological paper that we use to produce sleeves and covers for our notebooks, calendars, and pocket planners. They are all made from fruits and plants that would have otherwise ended up in the trash. In addition to their ecological advantages, we have to admit: they have got the look! Our covers made from fruit residuals are real eye candy. And even more importantly, this climate-neutral material makes environmentally harmful PVC, which is still used in the production of pocket planners, 100% obsolete.

The Skip®-Binding

This innovative technique used in binding table calendars ensures raw material savings of over 30%. How? The ecological Skip®-Binding uses significantly less bookbinding wire by simply skipping the middle section of each table calendar. Instead of running along the entire length of the calendar, the Wire-O binding thoroughly holds single pages together on both ends, left & right – but skips the middle. The space gained creates an additional, large advertising space for your logo, your message, or anything else that is important to you.