Notebooks made-to-measure

People take personal notes. We make personal notebooks. Tailored exactly to your brand and wishes. Choose your layout from over 1,000 personalization options to design your custom-made notebook for customers, employees and confidants. 

Notebook Specifications

Sizes (in mm) & Bookblocks

W 210 x H 297 (A4)
W 190 x H 250
W 170 x H 240
W 145 x H 205 (approx. A5)


All sizes are available in blank, squared, ruled or dotted paper.


Recycled Paper (CO₂ neutral)
Perfect White
Perfect Ivory

Basic Exterior Design

Hard-, Flex- or Doubleflex-Cover
More than 50 Cover Materials
with up to 5 - 15 colors (depending on the material)

Additional Design Options 14(Interior & Exterior)
  • Exterior
    • Cover-Stiches
    • Elastic Ribbon (wide or thin)
    • Penloop
    • Edge-Coloring
    • Metal Corners (gold or silver)
    • Logo/Advertising Debossing
  • Interior
    • Custom-Designed Front- and Backpaper
    • Paper Pocket
    • Ribbon Bookmark (1 or 2)
    • Optional Advertising Pages

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Make your notebook unique & iconic

Starting at 300 pieces, design your very own notebook from scratch! Choose from more than 1,000 personalization options and make your notebook a tailor-made accessory for your employees, customers and business partners.

Find what your marketing-heart desires: soft touch covers, vegan leather options, various types of paper, textures with a linen or metallic grain look, and in all colors and sizes. Make your notebook the perfect promotional gift and ultimate accessory that your customers and employees will use and carry with great joy and pride.

Personalize Your DenkZettel® now in our Customizer

Orders of small quantities with your logo-debossing in our Web-Shop

For smaller quantities of 25 pieces or more, choose between two cover materials: Paros (paper-based) or Virando (exeptionally smooth faux leather) in black with squared, charmois-colored, perforated paper, an elastic ribbon, pen-loop and a paper pocket. Available in A5, B5 and A4 and with a 4-hole-punch.

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- Virando with black elastic ribbon Click here
- Virando with red elastic ribbon Click here
- Paros with black elastic ribbon Click here

When sustainability bears your name

Discover our eco-friendly notebooks and create your sustainable inlay with our recycled paper with 98% whiteness. This special paper bears the BLAUER ENGEL (“Blue Angel”) environmental seal of approval and is used in the production of all exercise books in Austria.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Cover your notebooks in our sustainable materials made from “apple” leather and fruit residuals. You will love them: Eco-friendly never looked so good!

Don't just give-away, make an impression! … with thoughtful, sustainable products & gifts that have the looks!

These could be yours!